Travel Through Abandoned Places

Urban exploration is not as dangerous as it sounds. In fact, it can often be a thrill - exploring abandoned places with a sense of adventure. For those who are into urban exploration, there's a lot to see from graffiti to ruins from around the world. It's hard to understand a world without a history. So, take a walk through a modern city and see what you find.

Explore abandoned places around Europe ★★★★★

Urban explorers explore abandoned places to find interesting items.

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Come explore abandoned places with us! ★★★☆☆

Urban exploration is all about finding abandoned places. Luckily, Europe is full of places that have been abandoned. We explore these places around Europe's most interesting cities. For the best urbex content with historical backgrounds, check out our YouTube channel.

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Abandoned and Lost: Europe's Best Urbex

Abandoned places are exciting for urban explorers.

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Join See Our World in action on HISTORY Channel.

Abandoned Places is a global community that specialises in capturing the abandoned, forgotten, and long-deserted. There are no boundaries with this community, which spans across the globe in different languages.

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Launch the exploration app for urbex

Abandoned Places: collective photography of abandoned buildings and derelict structures.

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What would you do if you could go back in time?

See how vast the world is, follow up on Black Desert Online with guides, maps, and more through Abandoned Places.

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Explore abandoned places with Urban Explorers

Explore the past and present of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. See what places were once bustling and full of life and what they're like decades later.

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Abandoned Places - A Look Inside Abandoned Places

Explore abandoned places all over the world...get the story of extinct animatronic dinosaurs.

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Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe

Explore the abandoned places of the world. From India's abandoned Taj Mahal to abandoned hospitals and schools, through to abandoned buildings and rusting machinery, we enjoy capturing the worlds we call home and we do it because we cannot bear to see them destroyed. We aim to show that there is beauty in the world even in the places we say no one should go and we want to give you a chance to know these fascinating and unique places.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe.

Abandoned Places is a platform for global content creators, artists, and enthusiasts who share their explorations. Visual artists and lovers of abandoned places come together in a virtual community to share a love for global nomads.

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A Dashboard For A Post-Apocalyptic World

"Abandoned Places: A Guide for Exploring Urban Exploration through Photography".

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Abandoned Places, Urban Exploration ★★★☆☆

Abandoned Places: Bringing people and stories back to the forgotten places.

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The Largest Abandoned Places of the World

Abandoned places, the urban explorer, the areas that are abandoned, are common topics for urban explorations.

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Urban Exploration: Places of History

Abandoned places are exciting locations for the urban explorer. Other common terms for urban exploration are deserted buildings, home demolition sites, and ruins.

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The Role of the Forcing Function in Conflict

Urban exploration is an interesting endeavour for explorers who are attracted to abandoned places.

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Europe's Best Lost and Found Urbex Locations

See the history of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Abandoned Places is a compelling exploration of some of the world's most fascinating places.

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Urban explorers and abandoned places ★★★☆☆

Here at, we've been exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe for a long time now. Among other things, we've found a hidden gem at a metal foundry in Italy-- now you can, too. With Urbex Journals, we want you to explore Europe's lost and abandoned places with the knowledge and enjoy the adventure.

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Brief overview of a project

Offer a front-row experience of abandoned places for locals and tourists alike.

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Explore abandoned places with Abandoned Places.

Hear from people from all over the world who have been to abandoned places with their camera. Find the most inspiring stories from around the world.

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Looking to explore abandoned and lost places?

Explore the history of abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Dive into the world of abandoned places and explore what would otherwise be considered trespassing. Never get lost or confused. Find hidden places and vivid histories in the dozens of cities we explore.

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Recently published article about abandoned places

Urban Exploration: A Walk Through History. Scouring Abandoned Places for Treasure and Ephemera.

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⚠️ Check out our abandoned places! ⚠️

Abandoned places are a key element in a lot of urban explorer’s everyday lives. Urban explorers typically have a plethora of terms for describing their lives.

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⛔ Urban Explorers Thrive on Abandoned Places ⛔

Get lost in the histories of abandoned places and explore abandoned ruins.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Explore beautiful abandoned places and learn their histories.

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Find great places to explore today.

Abandoned places are a part of our history and tell a story about those that had been there before us.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ★★★☆☆

A book which contains the history and stories of abandoned places and urban exploration with photos and stories exchanged by people who have been to these locations.

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